How Many Episodes Are In One Piece

How Many Episodes Are In One Piece?

Everyone who likes anime knows that One Piece is extremely long, right? Released on October 20, 1999, the anime has followed Luffy and the other Straw Hats for over 20 years, and according to author Eiichiro Oda, this journey is still far from over and should last for at least five more years.

Amid this whirlwind of adventures, many people wonder how many One Piece episodes there are. It is this simple question that we will answer next!

1030 episodes4 OVAs13 specials, and 14 movies. It is essential to mention that the anime is on continuous display. That is, it gets a new chapter every Saturday.

In November 2021, One Piece reached the historic milestone of 1000 episodes. The chapter titled "Extraordinary Strength! The Straw Hats Reunited!" chronicles Luffy's quest for revenge on the battlefield as he searches for the Wano Arc villain Kaido, featuring a special opening that refers to the beginning of everything. It's impossible not to get emotional if you're a longtime fan.

Now that you know how many episodes of One Piece there are let's move on to the next step. Check out our guide to sagas, arcs, and filler episodes for you to jump without mercy. Then find out how much time it takes to marathon the anime. Tip: don't do this without sporadic breaks! The story is fantastic, but your health needs to be too. Ah, and if you are looking for cool one piece merch, check out our store!

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