How To Watch One Piece In Order

How To Watch One Piece In Order

Created by Eiichiro Oda, the One Piece manga has become one of the most famous in Japan over the years. The anime premiered in 1999, telling the story of Luffy, a pirate searching for the treasure that gave name to the franchise.

However, despite a seemingly simple story, One Piece often scares new fans who want to start following the story, as it still continues developing to this day, both in the manga and anime. With that in mind, we created a guide for those who want to know more about the show.

As the story is vast, the idea is to think of it as a TV series, separated by seasons, in this case, represented by the arcs and sagas.

All seasons of One Piece are available via Crunchyroll streaming. For those in the US, some seasons are also available on Netflix.

East Blue Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

The East Blue Saga features the protagonist Luffy. He is shown as a child living in his homeland and the beginning of the recruitment of crew to begin his search for One Piece. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Romance Dawn: episodes 1 to 4
  • Orange Town: episodes 4 to 8
  • Syrup Village: episodes 9 to 18
  • Baratie: episodes 19 to 30
  • Arlong Park: episodes 31 to 44
  • Buggy's Gang: Episodes 46 and 47
  • Loguetown: episodes 45 and 48 to 53
  • Millennial Dragon: episodes 54 to 61 (filler arc)

Arabasta Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

After all the adventure of the first saga, we will leave for the second one, Alabasta or Baroque Works. Here, Luffy and his crew continue the search for One Piece. However, they need to help the character Nefertari Vivi reach her kingdom before war strikes. The problem is that a malicious organization will do anything to stop Luffy and his friends from achieving this. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Reverse Mountain: episodes 62 and 63
  • Whiskey Peak: episodes 64 to 67
  • Coby and Helmeppo: Episodes 68 and 69
  • Little Garden: episodes 70 to 77
  • Drum Island: episodes 78 to 91
  • Alabasta: episodes 92 to 130
  • Post-Alabasta: Episodes 131 to 135 (filler arc)

Skypiea Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

The third saga of One Piece is called Skypieia. In it, the Straw Hats continue on their adventure, but Luffy and the others arrive in a land full of mysteries and are embroiled in a war that could destroy Skypiera once and for all. This is one of the arcs that start with fillers [episodes that don't develop the main plot] right at the beginning, so it's good to be innovative. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Ram Insland: episodes 136 to 138 (filler arc)
  • Rainbow Mist: episodes 139 to 143 (filler arc)
  • Jaya: episodes 144 to 152
  • Skypiea: episodes 153 to 195
  • G-8: episodes 196 to 206 (filler arc)

Water 7 Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

Water 7 is the fourth saga of One Piece, also known as Saga Enies Lobby or Saga CP9. In addition to having a lot of fights and unexpected encounters with some navy admirals, Luffy needs to get to Water 7 to find a carpenter who will join his crew and fix his ship, which is not in good condition. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Davy Back Fight (or Long Ring Long Land Arc): episodes 207 to 219
  • Ocean's Dream: episodes 220 to 224 (filler arc)
  • Foxy Returns: Episodes 225 and 226 (semi-filler arc)
  • Water 7: episodes 227 to 265
  • Enies Lobby: episodes 226 to 312
  • Post-Enies Lobby: episodes 313 to 325

Thriller Bark Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

In this saga, Luffy and the crew find a ghost island called Thriller Bark. A strange character uses Luffy's shadow to revive a legendary giant. With the help of Brook, a skeleton, Luffy and the other Nakamas will have to face many problems and go through exciting times. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Lovely Earth: episodes 326 to 336 (filler arc)
  • Thriller Bark: episodes 337 to 381
  • Spa Island: episodes 382 to 384 (filler arc)

Marineford War Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

This is one of the most famous sagas among fans. In addition to having memorable arcs, it is known as the Marineford War and marks the end of the anime's first half. At this point in the adventure, Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates are separated on the Sabaody Archipelago. And this is where things seem to get a little more difficult for Luffy and the others, with lots of twists and exciting fights. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Sabaody Archipelago: episodes 385 to 407
  • Amazon Lily: episodes 408 to 421
  • Impel Down: episodes 422 to 425
  • Little East Blue: episodes 426 to 429; (filler arc)
  • Impel Down: Episodes 430 to 456 (post-filler continued)
  • Marineford: episodes 457 to 489
  • Post-Marineford: Episodes 490 to 516

Fish-Man Island Arc

How To Watch One Piece In Order

The Straw Hats are reunited on Sabaody Archipelago and head to the New World, but for that, they have to go through Fishman Island and face some pirates there, in addition to solving some problems on the island, showing their new skills. This saga shows the story after a time passage of 2 years. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Return to Sabaody: Episodes 517 to 522
  • Fishman Island: episodes 523 to 574

Pirate Alliance Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

After many adventures, Luffy and his crew manage to reach the New World. However, they come across an old laboratory of Dr. Vegapunk and find Caesar Clown's illegal experiments. Luffy forms alliances and discovers a conspiracy on the island of Dressrosa, ruled by a cruel pirate. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Z's Ambition: Episodes 575 to 578 (filler arc)
  • Punk Hazard: episodes 579 to 625
  • Recovering Caesar: episodes 626 to 628 (filler arc)
  • Dressrosa: episodes 629 to 746
  • Silver Mines: episodes 747 to 750 (filler arc)

Yonkou Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

One of the most exciting sagas in One Piece, titled Yonkou. In it, an alliance called the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai is formed to overthrow Kaido. That's when Luffy takes action, gets involved with a Yonko named Big Mom, and needs to embark on a mission to rescue his friend, Sanji. The saga includes the arcs:

  • Zou: episodes 751 to 779
  • Supernova Navy: episodes 780 to 782 (filler arc)
  • Whole Cake: episodes 783 to 877
  • Reverie: Episodes 878 to 889

Wano Country Saga

How To Watch One Piece In Order

This is the most current saga of One Piece, Wano Country. In it, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance begins their plan to recruit allies within Wano Country to free it from the control of shogun Kurozumi Orochi and his supporters, including Kaido of the Yonko and his crew, the Beasts Pirates. Meanwhile, the Big Mom Pirates also go to Wano to avenge the Straw Hats for the previous events.
The saga includes episodes 890 to 894, 897 to 906, and 908 until now.

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