One-Punch Man – Anime Season 3 Announced

One-Punch Man – Anime Season 3 Announced

The news that surprised everyone: One-Punch Man – Anime Season 3 announced! That's right! So, according to the official studio website, staff and cast will be announced in the future.

Rumor indicates that we will have a new studio animating this third season of One-Punch Man.

One-Punch Man – Anime Season 3 Announced

Updated: Rumor reveals that Studio Bones (Mob Psycho, Boku no Hero Academia) is in charge of the season. In this way, I believe that we can be somewhat calm about animation, as we all already know the competence of this studio.

Check out the official announcement image:

On the website, we can read: “This time, we will start production of the long-awaited sequel to the 3rd season of animation “One-Punch Man.” At the same time, an image was drawn by Osamu Kubota, who was responsible for the character design of the first and second seasons. ”

The first season premiered in 2015 with Shingo Natsume directed by Madhouse studio (Hunter x Hunter). The second season premiered in January 2019, containing 12 episodes with animation by J.C.Staff (Toradora!) and directed by Chikara Sakurai.

Finally, One Punch Man started in 2009 in Japan and quickly became a phenomenon, with 7.9 million hits in June 2012.

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